Writing PhD Thesis In Education

Prerequisites to beginning a PhD thesis in education

In the field of education, obtaining a PhD is pretty much essential if you intend to make any kind of significant career advancement. Writing a PhD thesis in computer science or PhD thesis in education is one of the requirements that must be met to secure a PhD degree. However, there are some steps you must take before actually beginning work on your thesis.

  • Select a topic. Selection of PhD thesis topics in education is more important than many people realize. A topic must be approved by a thesis committee before you can use it as a thesis subject. Gaining approval will involve a lot of preliminary research and work that may take several months. When you select a topic you want to be fairly certain of gaining approval, so that you don’t waste months of work on a dead end.
  • Submit PhD thesis proposal. This is basically convincing the thesis committee that your topic is important enough to deserve further research, and that the methods you choose to use are valid. Gaining approval doesn’t guarantee a successful thesis but is a big step in the right direction

Writing the PhD thesis in education

The thesis paper is the presentation of your actual research in an approved format. Many candidates for a PhD consider the important work on their thesis to be finished, once their research is completed and analyzed, and writing the paper just a formality. However it is a big mistake if thought of in this manner. The written thesis paper isn’t just documentation of your research. It is a presentation of your research for scholarly review, and includes viewing your research in relationship to other work done in the same area. There is a specific format that must be followed. While it may seem overly rigid, the structure is designed to provide all the information and background necessary for a reader with less expertise in the field to understand the work. The basic structure is outlined here:

  • Introduction-Summary of the thesis
  • Background-Prior research in the area
  • Body-Your research findings, analysis, interpretation and discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

Also you can prepare good thesis PowerPoint presentation for your defense.

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