Writing PhD Thesis In Computer Science

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing the PhD Thesis in Computer Science

phd thesis in computer scienceTo be awarded a computer science PhD, a student will be required to write a thesis on a topic in the computer science field. The thesis will be an original research project and should contribute something new to the field. The thesis is a significant portion of a PhD program and may take a year or more to complete.

The stages or steps to produce the final PhD thesis in computer science are as follows:

  • Choose a topic for your thesis. Considering the amount of time you will spend on it, a topic should be something you have a genuine interest in
  • Submit a PhD thesis proposal. PhD thesis topics in computer science must be approved by a thesis committee before actual work on your thesis is started. The proposal makes a case that the topic chosen deserves further research.
  • Research stage. The actual collection and analysis of data that form the basis of your thesis.
  • Writing the thesis. Putting everything together in the required format. This is the presentation of your research including background information, data analysis and interpretation, and conclusions arrived at.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Writing the PhD Thesis in Computer Science

The size and scope of a PhD thesis presents numerous opportunities for mistakes and problems. Watch out for basic mistakes that can be easily avoided, and prevent needless complications. Some of the more common mistakes include the following:

  • Choosing too broad a topic
  • General lack of organization. Make a checklist of things to do, to keep you focused
  • Omitting references. When research may span a year or more, it’s easy to lose track of sources from early in the project. Keep a record of references from the start.
  • Not following the correct structure when writing the thesis.
  • Failure to proofread. Simple spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can ruin an otherwise great thesis.

Although a PhD thesis is an individual project, a student shouldn’t hesitate to get advice or help when necessary. Failure to seek help when needed is another mistake commonly committed in thesis writing.

Getting Help with Your PhD Thesis in Computer Science

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