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music dissertation

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Any music lover wants to have the opportunity to write their own music. It can be anything about your favorite music, and so if you are required to create music dissertation because it is a requirement, here are excellent topics you can choose from.

Best Music Dissertation Topics

  1. Why new musical talents have a hard time to get their song played on radio?
  2. How deaf people learn from music?
  3. Most influential music writers and singers of your generation
  4. Difference of people who like to listen to hip hop music from rock
  5. How music have negative and positive effects on people’s health?
  6. How music is being marketed to general audience?
  7. How music is marketed to other countries when it’s in different language
  8. How technology develops, create or market music today?
  9. Is there any musical era that have the topnotch music content?
  10. How music influenced dance moves?

Note: You should avoid generic topics because it is too broad. You will cover many things when it is generic that is why it is important to make it simple and specific all the time. After that, choose the thesis that will serve as the central theme of your PhD disseration.

There are still dozens of topics that you can find on the internet and the listed above are some of the best topic to choose from. In order to have struggle in choosing your topic, think of something that catches your attention. For instance, if you always want to listen to music; you can have a topic on how music affects people who listen to it. Simple topic would be okay, you do not need to make complicate things what you need to do is to try your best in getting all information you need.

Music Dissertation Ideas: Selecting a Topic

As said, there are gazillions of topics that you can consider but it is hard to stick with it because some are not in line with your interest. If you have been given the chance, you might want to write how music was introduced. Keep in mind that it is easier to choose a topic when it is related to how you see the music. If you are facing difficulties, check out guidelines for your paper and make sure that the one you selected will help you in achieving the best output.

Get the Best Topic Today

With the given topics above, you can definitely choose one that suits you. Be sure that you plan and make an outline. To gather your thoughts, you can make a map or diagram. With that, you can able to create a stunning research that will impress the readers.

At first, there are many things you need to do when you are getting started in writing but when you are in the middle, all you need to do is to write and write. Only include the relevant data, methodology, literature review that are important. In conclusion, time is gold and you should not waste it when you have ample time. Choose your topic and start writing now!

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