Writing a PhD Thesis in Management

How to Write the PhD Thesis in Management

phd thesis in management

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Writing a PhD thesis in management is a task that could take months or even years to finish. Your thesis in management will be a written documentation of original research in the field of management you have conducted. The research and thesis in management are the major requirements you must complete before earning a management PhD. Before you can begin work on the actual research project you need to get approval from a research committee by writing and submitting a research proposal. Only after approval has been given can work on your project begin. The structure of the thesis on management is one that is common in academic writing and easily adapted to suit your purpose. The basic structure of the thesis in management and important elements that each section should include are shown here:

  • Introduction: The introduction of the thesis in management should state the issue or question that your research will address. A brief explanation of why it is important to address the issue will be provided as well.
  • Literature review: The literature review contains your analysis of literature in the topic area related to your research and shows how you work fits in with the work and research that others have done. Much of the work on the literature review will have been done writing the research proposal. Literature reviews may vary widely with regards to length depending on the amount of existing literature. The thesis in management literature review will include information from the proposal and build on it to support your thesis
  • Research methods: Detailed account of all tools, equipment and materials used when performing your research and instructions on how research was carried out
  • Presentation of evidence/findings: This section will include the actual results of your research
  • Analysis of findings: Your research results after analysis of the data will be in this section of the thesis in management
  • Discussion of findings and the implications: In this section you should explain what your results mean, if they were similar to what you expected and the results implications and whether or not further research should be done
  • Conclusion: Restate the issue addressed and summarize the overall project
  • References: A page citing all references used in your PhD thesis in management.

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Topics for the PhD Thesis in Management

Selecting a topic for your thesis in management isn’t always easy. Finding a topic that interests you and meets all of the program requirements may require doing some research to find something appropriate. Here are 5 PhD thesis topics in management you may want to consider for your thesis:

  • Assess what consumer expectations do for the philanthropy of a corporation
  • What are the main issues surrounding the relationship between organizational growth and performance?
  • How business leaders see their role in enabling innovation in large organizations?
  • Organizational changes and its impact on productivity in big firms
  • Vendor management strategies and its benefits

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