Writing a PhD Thesis Abstract

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What Is a PhD Thesis Abstract?

The abstract of PhD thesis papers is located at the beginning of the thesis so is usually the first part of the paper the reader will see. It is a condensed version of the entire thesis that contains all of the major concepts of the paper in a concise summary. The PhD thesis abstract performs a number of different functions including:

  • Provides readers with a concise overview of the thesis paper so that they can determine if they should read the entire thesis
  • Used in bibliographic indexes so that those researching the topic can locate the thesis and see if it contains information they can use
  • Serves as a substitute for the thesis paper for those without the time to read entire papers

The abstract PhD papers contain, when combined with the title can serve as a stand-alone text that tells any reader exactly what the thesis is about, what questions it answers the major points of the thesis and the results of the research the thesis covers. So, what about writing a PhD thesis?

How to Write the PhD Thesis Abstract

The thesis abstract should be limited to no more than about one page in length. Structure of the abstract will essentially be the same as the structure of the thesis paper. The structure of a typical thesis abstract will be similar to the following:

  • The first paragraph should clearly state the research question that your thesis intends to address
  • The next portion of the abstract should cover the chapters of the thesis in the order which they are presented in the paper
  • The last half of the abstract should present the results of the research conducted, along with your interpretation of the results

In order to cover all the major elements of the thesis paper within a page or less, you need to write in a clear concise style. There is no room for lengthy explanations or wasted words. Use language that is easy to understand and that gets directly to the point. Writing a good PhD abstract is difficult but if you encounter problems our service can assist you.

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Keys to Writing a Successful Thesis Abstract

Following are the keys to write a successful thesis abstract:

  • The abstract should be divided into three main parts: theme of thesis, method to execute the research and conclusion of thesis.
  • Theme of thesis should comprise the reason to perform the research work. It should not be more than 2-3 lines.
  • Method to execute the research work should comprise the brief information about materials, method and results of experiments that have been performed to execute the research work. It should not be more than 5-6 lines.
  • Conclusion of thesis should comprise upon the unbiased decision depicted from the results of experiments. It should not be more than 1-2 lines.
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