Why is Writing a Dissertation Proposal an Important Step?

Writing a Dissertation Proposal May Be the Most Critical Part of the Dissertation Process

writing a dissertation proposal

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The PhD dissertation is a paper that PhD candidates write based on an original research project they have done in their field of study. Before you can be awarded a PhD degree you must have completed your research project and submitted your dissertation to the research committee. The entire writing PhD thesis process can take three years or more, and the first step in the process is writing a dissertation proposal. The dissertation proposal is a summary of your research goals and the methods and approach you will use to conduct your research. Its main purpose is to convince the research committee of two things:
  • That the research question your proposed project addresses is important and worthy of being studied further
  • That you are the right person to carry out the research that addresses the issue

Until you are able to convince the committee of these two things, you basically don’t have a research project. This is why good dissertation proposal writing is so important and critical to the dissertation process.

Guidelines for Writing a Dissertation Proposal

Although there may be slight variations in some requirements the basic guidelines for how to write a dissertation proposal are fairly consistent. Some programs may want to combine certain sections or may call a section by a different name. However the information that is conveyed will be the same. Here is the basic structure of the dissertation proposal and what to include in each section:

  • Introduction: The dissertation proposal introduction should clearly state the question or issue that your research will address and provide some background on the subject to provide context.
  • Objectives: This section of the proposal should cover what you intend to achieve with your research and what possible outcomes your research will lead to. Limit your objectives to three or less. If you have more than that then you should consider narrowing your topic.
  • Literature review: The literature review will discuss any books, articles, papers or any other literature that you are considering using in your research. The literature review shouldn’t be just a summary of literature you will use. You need to analyze the literature and present your analysis in a way that demonstrates there is a gap in knowledge not covered by existing research. It must also show your proposed research projects relationship to work in the area that has been done to date and how your research will fill the existing gap in knowledge. In the process of showing the need for your proposed research you will also be demonstrating your knowledge of the particular topic area.
  • Methodology: The methodology section should discuss the approach you will use for conducting the research including tools and equipment that you will use and any other details related to how you will get your research data. It is also a good idea to include information on how you intend to analyze the data you collect and why you have chosen these particular methods for collecting and analyzing data as opposed to other methods.
  • Research constraints: This section is dedicated to discussion of any constraints and limitations on your research
  • Bibliography: Programs differ. Some will want a proper bibliography section using the citation style appropriate for your field of study while others may just want you to include a list of the literature you are considering

Also you can use this structure for PhD thesis writing. Always check with your specific program for their exact requirements when writing a dissertation proposal. If you encounter any difficulties with the proposal, our service offers PhD dissertation writing and editing services that include dissertation proposals.

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