What Is a Dissertation Proposal? Find out from Us!

What Is a Dissertation Proposal?

what is a dissertation proposal

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The dissertation proposal is the critical first step in the overall dissertation process. A PhD dissertation is a paper written to present original research you have conducted and is a major component required to earn a PhD degree. A dissertation proposal serves as an introduction to the research you are proposing and summarizes your research objectives and the methods that you intend to use to carry out your research. Essentially it maps out the research you plan to do. The actual research project may not follow the proposal precisely but if well done it provides a good guide and will make the entire research project proceed more smoothly. This all contributes to what is dissertation proposal writings main objective which is to get approval to proceed with the research project. Approval to commence work on your project requires that you:

  • Convince a research committee that the issue/question your proposed research will address is worthy of further study
  • Demonstrate to the research committee that your knowledge of the topic and the approach you will use qualify you as the right person to carry out that study

Writing the Dissertation Proposal

To write a good proposal you must know what is a dissertation proposal supposed to include. Additionally you can try to write mini thesis for easy structured research.

There are certain elements that are essential to every dissertation proposal:

  • A clearly expressed research question
  • A hypotheses that can be tested
  • A comprehensive plan for testing the hypotheses

A common PhD dissertation proposal format that is used in a wide variety of fields and that contains the essential elements of the dissertation proposal is shown here:

  • Dissertation title: A descriptive title that tells the reader what the dissertation is about.
  • Dissertation goals: State what you would like to accomplish with your research. Contains the research question
  • Literature review: Review of relevant literature in your topic area. Shows your knowledge of the topic area and demonstrates a gap in knowledge that your research will fill.
  • Research details: Elaborates further on your research question and includes your hypotheses
  • Methodology: Provides the plan you will use for testing the hypotheses
  • Expected outcomes: This is a discussion of what you hope to accomplish, and possible outcomes
  • Bibliography: A list of sources that you intend to use in your research

Many people consider the dissertation proposal to be the most difficult part of the entire dissertation process. It may take several months to complete a good proposal and it is not uncommon for a proposal to go through as many as twenty drafts before submission to the research committee. For many students time is a rare commodity and you may ask “What is a dissertation proposal writing approach that would take less time?” Our PhD thesis writing service provides you with a much easier alternative to writing a good dissertation proposal.

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