Typical PhD Thesis Structure

Preparing to Write Your PhD Thesis

phd thesis structureWriting a PhD thesis is a massive undertaking. You don’t just dive in and start writing. Before beginning on your actual thesis it will be necessary to submit a PhD thesis proposal for approval. Only after your proposal is approved can you begin. Although some students dislike having to go through this proposal process, it is actually quite useful in organizing and outlining thesis materials.

PhD thesis proposals format is similar to the PhD thesis structure. The proposal will have the following:
  • Reason why the proposed research is important
  • A statement of what you hope to achieve, and the benefits and/or addition to knowledge
  • A statement of what precisely will be researched and why.
  • Brief discussion of previous work in the topic area
  • Methodology. Discussion on how you intend to carry out your research.
  • Proposed timetable

You may also choose to include difficulties you expect to run into, and any planned follow up work you intend to do. Much of the preparation work and planning for the thesis will be completed in the work done on the proposal.

Required PhD Thesis Structure

There is a generally accepted format used when writing a PhD thesis. It is a good idea to adhere to this format unless instructed otherwise. The PhD thesis structure will be as outlined here:

  • Introduction. A summary of the thesis
  • Topic background information
  • Background of other research in the field, briefly discussed and assessed.
  • Research approach taken and methods used
  • Presentation of evidence/findings
  • Analysis of findings
  • Discussion of findings and the implications
  • Conclusion
  • References

Regardless of the field or topic, the PhD thesis will always be in the same basic format. There is no specific length required. It is very important to include the reference section. Even the accidental omission of a reference can lead to charges of plagiarism.

Some Useful PhD Thesis Writing Tips

Writing a PhD thesis may be the most difficult writing project you will ever undertake. The following tips could prove helpful.

  • Be precise. Use clear and concise writing
  • Make sure you follow the PhD thesis structure
  • Don’t overlook or omit any references
  • Proofread your thesis. You may consider having somebody else proofread it also.

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