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doctoral thesisAcademic standards and terminology are similar across much of the world but not identical. For example, depending on where you are you may have never heard of a doctoral thesis.  In some parts of the world, a master’s level degree requires a thesis. Doctorate degrees require a dissertation.

Strict definitions of thesis versus dissertation tell us a thesis is more original in thought and smaller in scope while a dissertation is more a review and commentary on an existing state of affairs. The latter definition would come as a shock to PhDs all over the world who remember struggling mightily with the statistical analysis their dissertation research required.

Should You Care About the Doctoral Thesis Dissertation Confusion

No, you really should not worry at all about a debate over terminology that amounts to little more than hairsplitting.  The fact is it will be the university which will award you your doctoral degree that will dictate whether the paper you must write for graduation is called a doctoral thesis, or a doctoral dissertation, or a doctoral thesis dissertation.  If a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, certainly a doctoral dissertation by any other name would still be as difficult.

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The online writing industry offering writing help of all sorts at all levels has exploded in recent years.  Right now you can buy just about anything online, even a doctoral dissertation.  Of course you run the risk the document you buy may have been copied in part from other original sources.  Yet there are reputable doctoral thesis online writing services like ours that can offer trusted help.

Compare us to the competition and you will see for doctoral dissertations, we use only writers who themselves hold doctoral degrees in your field.  Hiring cheap writers with nothing more than a high school education may improve profitability in the short term, but we operate on the belief hiring the best writers will lead to the quality results and satisfied customers that increases profit through referrals and renewals.

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We can help you at any stage of the process – from writing the Doctoral proposal to proofreading and editing.  Unlike our competitors who hide their writers behind a protective screen of customer service reps, we encourage ongoing interaction between you and your writer throughout the process.

That is how we can offer 100% customer satisfaction with doctoral thesis!

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