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doctoral dissertation marketing onlineFor writing a doctoral dissertation most marketing students face challenges at all levels of the process. The quality of the doctoral dissertation depends on the topic selected, the amount of research, the analysis and depiction of the data and also on the style and clarity of the authors writing. A few things that must be kept in mind before undertaking the doctoral dissertation and a few tips to organize and successfully complete the dissertation are explained in the below paragraphs.

Selecting a Topic for the Doctoral Dissertation – Marketing

There are three things to note when selecting the topic for a doctoral dissertation: area of expertise, simplicity/ complexity of the topic and the availability of information. Your area of expertise and interest in a given topic will define how well you will be able to negotiate the process of writing the dissertation. You must remember that choosing an overly simple or overly complex topic can also be a drawback to writing a good quality thesis. A very simple or much-researched topic may not get the attention needed and a very complex topic may not allow you to accumulate and represent all the data as needed. Finally, the topic you select must provide for you to be able to gather all the necessary information from multiple sources lie journals, internet, books and articles.

Formulating a Good Doctoral Dissertation

There are usually 9 sections of a standard dissertation:

  • Abstract or summary
  • Content summary
  • Introduction to the topic/ problem
  • Review of existing literature
  • Research methods used
  • Confidentiality issues
  • Findings and analysis
  • Conclusion and recommendations

Based on the topic selected and the premise of your research topic, the above mentioned steps may be altered and other steps may be added. However, the thing to remember is that your dissertation must have an order to it that ensures clarity.

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Getting help for your dissertation

There are various online services that have been set up exclusively to provide help with doctoral dissertations. You can approach them for help at all levels of the dissertation writing process. From topic selection, to research methods, dissertation body, and even with the formulation of the entire dissertation.

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