Successful PhD Thesis Defense

What Is a PhD Thesis Defense?

defese of phd thesis help onlineAfter writing your thesis but before submitting it to the university you must first make a PhD thesis defense. The thesis defense will consist of an oral presentation of your thesis, followed by a question and answer period.

While different institutions may vary regarding specifics, a PhD thesis defense will have the following basic elements:

  • Examiners – This is the audience, and will be made up of members of the thesis committee. The number may vary and one of the examiners may be from outside the institution.
  • Oral presentation-You will basically speak about your thesis. The typical PhD thesis defense presentation is around 20 minutes
  • Question and answer portion-The examiners will ask you specific questions regarding your thesis. This can vary widely depending on the examiners. It can range from some relatively easy questions to an intense grilling. This is the portion of the PhD thesis defense that scares students

Presenting a Good PhD Thesis Defense

The number one problem most students have with the thesis defense is nerves. There is no precise way that is best to prepare. Keep in mind that you have written your PhD thesis. To all intents and purposes you are “the expert” in the niche of your particular field covered by your thesis. Reviewing your own paper may be the best defense of PhD thesis in education preparation you can do. Other preparations that might help include the following

  • Try and anticipate questions. Some students submit chapters of their thesis for publication. The feedback received is considered to likely be harsher than the defense so makes good preparation.
  • Try and attend at least one PhD thesis defense in your field
  • If possible have a PhD candidate in the same field read your thesis and question you on it.
  • Review your thesis and resources few days prior to your defense

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Final Tips for Your PhD Thesis Defense

Follow these tips when making your PhD thesis defense:

  • Dress up for the occasion. For women attire suitable for office wear. For men a coat and tie, with conservative slacks and dress shoes
  • Bring a copy of your thesis for your use. Many questions may begin with “On page 87…”
  • Don’t rush to answer a question. Pause to consider how you want to phrase your reply

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