See How to Write Doctoral Dissertation in Chicago MLA Format

Writing your Dissertation: Using Chicago MLA Format

chicago mla formatYour doctoral dissertation is an academic milestone to all students as this gives you the chance to demonstrate your level of expertise and efficiency to your chosen field. It is important that you pay attention to all aspect of your doctoral dissertation as this basically establishes the coherence and structure of your paper. In using, APA or Chicago MLA format, you should comply with proper guidelines in order for you to guarantee the quality and overall efficiency of your doctoral dissertation. Do not hesitate to solicit help if you are having problems with formatting your dissertation.

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In terms of margins, you should set the top, bottom, left and right margins at one inch. The spacing should be set to double space. There are also different formats when it comes to citing your sources using MLA format. Here is MLA writing format example:

In-Text Citations: Author Name stated the fact that “inserts fact” (202).

Author Is Known: My paper has been described as “interesting” (Johnson 202)

No Known Author: “Article on Blue Skys.” Name of Magazine. Month, Year. Print.

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