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Application to a PhD program may require writing a research proposal as part of the application process. Programs that require a research proposal for PhD admissions want to know what type of research a candidate intends to conduct for their PhD dissertation, and whether or not it is suitable for their particular program. The research proposal PhD program applicants submit with their application should:
  • Show why it is important to conduct the proposed research and convince admissions that it is a subject worthy of further study
  • Convince admissions that you are the right person to conduct the research and that you have the right approach to address the issue

Getting into a good PhD program is competitive and writing a good research proposal for PhD application is critical for your acceptance to the program. So, it will be better to get an advice from high qualified PhD thesis writers.

Writing the PhD Research Proposal for Program Application

The research proposal PhD program applicants write to submit with their application package is not quite as extensive or detailed as a full blown dissertation prospectus but it will need to contain most of the same elements. A research proposal written for PhD application will be around a thousand words in length although you should check with specific programs as they do vary. Your research proposal for PhD program application should provide the following information:

  • The extent of the research you propose and the specific area it will deal with. Describe the specific issue/question that your research is intended to address
  • Why the research project you are proposing is important and its significance in the field
  • Source material that your project will be dependent on such as previous work and research conducted in the same area
  • Empirical research such as experiments that you plan to conduct

Although a research proposal for program application won’t require a full literature review and methodology it will need to display that the applicant has a clear direction that they want their research to take and demonstrate their knowledge in the topic area. If you are unsure of the best way to write the PhD research proposal, our PhD thesis writing service is standing by to help.

PhD Research Proposals That Get Results

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