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good doctoral research proposalSome would argue that the doctoral proposal is in practice the most important part of the entire doctoral dissertation or doctoral thesis (if you prefer that interchangeable term) process. Why? Simply put, if you cannot get the approval of your proposal, the doctoral dissertation will never get started.

What Is a PhD Doctoral Proposal

First, to clear up the confusion between doctoral thesis and doctoral dissertation, let us just say that all PhD candidates everywhere in the world must present and defend a formal doctoral dissertation or doctoral thesis, which are different in name only.  In content and methodology, they are virtually identical.

The doctoral proposal is an outline of your project which first defines a clear question or issues your doctoral dissertation/doctoral thesis will address. The doctoral proposal also clearly states how your research will answer the question or address the issue. The doctoral proposal also must show how your work would be original or add some significance to existing literature in the topic field of your choice. In some cases, proposals with a heavy scientific research orientation are referred to as a doctoral research proposal.

How to Write Winning PhD Proposal: Hear from Experts

If you are feeling the pressure of PhD proposal writing, you are not alone. Everyone feels almost the same at this stage. The important thing is to have faith in you and go ahead. Our experts have few pieces of advice for you to write your PhD proposal, which you can find helpful:

  • Be clear about the purpose: Usually, PhD students are not clear about the purpose of a research proposal. They write it in wrong way and lose their chance to complete the highest degree. The purpose of the proposal writing in to research and complete PhD dissertation without any problem. It’s like a roadmap, which will lead you to completion of your degree. In a research proposal, you create an outline of your work and do rest of the work according to that.
  • A self-explanatory Title: Title is most important part of any research, project or thesis. When you think about the title, find an answer to these questions. What problems, you are trying to solve by doing this research? What are the possible outcomes? How this information will be useful. The title should tell about your work clearly, but at the same time, it should be interesting and attractive too.
  • Show your expertise: Write PhD proposal in such a way that it shows that you are interested in this particular topic and you have command on the subject to some extent, if not completely.
  • Follow the format: Following the correct format is very important for proposal writing. Usually, it is divided into sections like Abstract, introduction, literature review, thesis statement, expected outcomes and limitations. Your institution might have one or two more, you have to check before you start writing.
  • Organize yourself: Before you start writing a proposal, you have to organize yourself. Make a plan first, which should include a roadmap, which you will follow. Find any visuals, which are appropriate. Then explain the methodology you will be using. Mention how you will use the obtained data. Then write the introduction and bibliography. In the end, you have to write the Abstract. Now, you can place these bits and pieces in order and give them a shape of the proposal. Keep in mind, you are writing a formal academic paper, so language and tone should be formal.
  • Proofreading: Once you are done with writing. Read it again and again and remove any unwanted words. It should be grammatically correct. Get an opinion from your seniors or friends. Proofreading is the key to writing a flawless research proposal.

Getting Help with Your Doctoral Proposal

The doctoral proposal is like a preliminary blueprint. It might change slightly over time, but if the original basic blueprint can’t convince financiers to back the project, it will never get built. Similarly, no matter how original your idea and how revolutionary your methodological approach, if your doctoral proposal doesn’t “sell” the idea and your ability to see it through, you will never get approval and an advisory committee to guide you to the next step.

If you are skeptical about getting help with this critical step from some stranger on the Internet, think of hiring a consultant, rather than simply hiring a writer. With most of the online services you find on the net, you will get a writer and with many, the quality will be questionable. With a superior service like ours, you get a high-quality writer who can also act as a consultant. How? All our dissertation proposal writers have doctoral degrees in the fields in which they write for us. They have been there and they know what it takes to get a doctoral dissertation proposal approved.

Choose Your Trusted Doctorate Proposal Writing Service

We offer different levels of help. If you have a finished proposal, our experts – and remember they have written their own doctoral dissertation proposals which got approval – will edit and proofread your work.

If all you have is the germ of an idea, we can flesh it out for you into a doctoral dissertation proposal that sells itself to your advisors, get your doctoral research proposal today!