PhD Thesis Topics in Economics… And How to Write a Thesis

Writing the PhD Economics Thesis

Completing your PhD thesis in economics is almost the last step on the journey to get your PhD. It is also a giant step that will likely take two to three years to complete. The PhD thesis writing process begins when you decide which of the PhD thesis topic in economics you will research. An economics PhD research proposal demonstrating the need for your proposed research and showing that you have ability to conduct that research will be submitted to a research committee and then, if approved you may begin the actual research project. After completing the research you can write the economics PhD thesis. All PhD thesis writers know, that the thesis in economics will use the same basic structure that most thesis papers use.

phd thesis topics in economics

Take a look at this one closer!

This basic structure is shown here:

  • Introduction: The introduction of the thesis in economics clearly relates the problem/question your research addresses and includes the research hypotheses. It also explains the contribution the thesis and provides an overview of the entire thesis
  • Motivation: This section explains why the issue was worth further research and who benefits if the problem is solved
  • Related work: Related work is also known as the literature review. This section is used to analyze the existing literature related to the topic and show how your own research fits in with previous work. It will also include un updated version of the literature review included with the research proposal
  • Experiments:
    1. Research methods: List of all tools, equipment and materials used when performing your research and specific instructions explaining how research was carried out
    2. Presentation of evidence/findings: The actual results of your research
    3. Analysis of findings: The research results after data analysis
    4. Discussion of findings and the implications: Explain what your results mean, if they were expected and the implications
  • Conclusions: Summarize the thesis in economics an final comments
  • Bibliography: List of all references used in your research

PhD Thesis Topics in Economics

Selecting a topic for the thesis is something many students have trouble with. As a general rule it is preferable to select a topic you are interested in and with which at least one faculty member shares your interest. Here are 5 PhD thesis topics in economics that you could use for your thesis:

  • Using Public Goods Game Experiments to Design Cooperative Environments
  • Economic causes and consequences of migration on micro level
  • Scientific research and research collaboration in knowledge production: enhancing innovative capacity
  • Essays on Behavioral Game Theory: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Learning
  • Scientific research and research collaboration in knowledge production: enhancing innovative capacity

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