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Once the PhD thesis has been proofread for the last time and submitted to the research committee, many candidates feel like everything has been completed and they can take a well-earned break. However it is not time to celebrate completing your thesis quite yet. There is one last obstacle standing between you and your PhD. This would be the oral defense of your thesis. The thesis defense can be difficult for anybody, and for those with a fear of public speaking it is by far the worst part of the dissertation process. Fortunately, just as technology and the internet have made researching and writing a thesis somewhat easier, technology has also given us the PowerPoint presentation. Also you can use your PhD thesis proposal for creating presentation. When done correctly a thesis PowerPoint presentation will proceed smoothly, and the person who gives a well done presentation is less likely to be grilled by those judging your thesis defense.

Creating a Great Thesis PowerPoint Presentation

There is one thing that you should remember when putting together your thesis presentation. PowerPoint is just a tool, and you shouldn’t depend on it too much when presenting your thesis. It can enhance your thesis presentation but it won’t make the presentation for you. Here are the basic steps to create an effective thesis presentation:

  • Establish what order you will present your information in. The order of your presentation should follow the structure of your thesis. The following is a common order used in thesis presentations:
    • Introduction
    • Theoretical Framework/Research Question
    • Literature Review
    • Methodology
    • Data Analysis
    • Discussion of Data/Results
    • Conclusion
  • Select the main points from each section you want to create a slide for. A good rule of thumb to follow is to include one slide per minute or less. Your slides should contain little if any text. Having to read slides distracts the audience from what you are saying.
  • Don’t waste too much time getting to the research portion of your presentation. Many students spend far too much time on the background and literature review. The thesis presentation is about your research, your results and your analysis of the results. Provide just as much background information as is necessary to establish context for your own work
  • Practice. Practice a lot. Practice on your dog, your friends, and keep practicing until you have made your presentation. The more you practice the smoother your presentation will go.

One way to learn more about making a PowerPoint presentation is to watch a sample thesis presentation. Power Point thesis presentations are readily available all over the internet. Some people, especially novices to academic presentations, have a hard time creating effective presentations. If you feel that your presentation isn’t as good as it should be our service can help.

We Can Create a Great Thesis PowerPoint Presentation for Your Thesis Defense

Our PhD thesis writing services include thesis defense preparation. The writers we use are ideally suited to work on your PhD thesis defense. Every writer we use has a PhD in their field and considerable experience with academic presentations. They know what type of information to include on slides that will enhance your presentation, and can provide expert guidance on how to prepare your thesis defense. Some of the ways they can help include:

  • Creating the PowerPoint presentation including the speech to accompany the slides and the slides themselves. On time delivery of your PowerPoint presentation is guaranteed.
  • Advice on timing and delivery to match your spoken words to the PowerPoint slide they are meant to accompany
  • Free revisions to the presentation until you are completely satisfied with every aspect of the thesis PowerPoint presentation

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