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The first hurdle you will have to overcome is the dissertation process is writing the dissertation proposal. The dissertation proposal must be approved by a research committee before you can proceed with your research project. To get the necessary approval your proposal will need to convince the committee that the research you propose addresses an issue worth more study and that you are qualified to conduct the research. In order to convince the committee the any dissertation proposal will have to include the following essential elements:

  • A research question that clearly states the issue that will be addressed by your research
  • A hypotheses that can be tested
  • A specific plan for testing the hypotheses

It can be difficult to visualize how these elements should be included in a dissertation proposal. One tool that can be useful in providing a better understanding of the dissertation structure and how to present essential information is a dissertation proposal example. Seeing the actual structure of the proposal and how content is presented will help you when it comes time to write your own proposal. But you always can order PhD thesis writing service to make it faster.

How to Structure the Dissertation Proposal

Although most dissertation proposals use a similar structure, it is better to use an example of a dissertation proposal that is from the same academic field. However despite differences resulting from being in different academic fields or programs the basic dissertation proposal format will be similar to that shown here:

  • Title: Choose a project title that tells readers what your research project is about.
  • Introduction: The proposal introduction should contain the following:
    • Research Question: A statement that clearly conveys the question/problem that the project intends to address.
    • Significance: Explain why it is important to address the particular issue
    • Research approach: A brief and general description of the type of approach you will use and why take and why
  • Objectives: Your project goal
    • Briefly relate what you hope to accomplish through your research project and the outcome your research is intended to achieve
    • Brief discussion of other possible outcomes of your research
  • Literature review: This section of the proposal should provide a brief review and analysis of the relevant literature in your topic area.
    • Use you analysis of the literature to demonstrate a gap in the knowledge of the topic that your research will fill and show where your research fits and how it relates to others research
    • Writing a good literature based on a thorough analysis of the literature helps shows your knowledge and understanding of the topic area and will help convince the committee you are qualified to proceed with your proposed research
  • Methodology: Your plan and approach to the research project
    • Provide a fairly detailed explanation of how you intend to conduct your research. Discuss equipment, tools, techniques and anything else that will be used in gathering data for your research project. It doesn’t have to cover every detail, but it should indicate you have been thinking about it very seriously
    • Explain how you will analyze the data your research project generated once it is collected
  • Bibliography: This is a page of all references that you have used, will use or think you might use in your research project including the literature review. The bibliography isn’t just there to avoid plagiarism. Viewing the list of literature you included will let the research committee know if you were thorough and included the most relevant and important literature

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