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A great art dissertation must need to have an outstanding and exclusive topic. However, coming up with great ideas is not easy that is why when you are required to create your dissertation, you need to start collecting ideas now.

Fine Art Dissertation Proposal: What You Need to Reflect

In creating fine art dissertation, you need to show some essential skills. Your dissertation must need to reflect the ability to work creatively and independently. The ability in carrying out profound research in the field and must have deep knowledge as well as understanding of numerous issues that are related to your dissertation topic.

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Art Dissertation Topics

  • Transition of symbol from images of Buddha: In this dissertation, you can explore some symbols that are being used to represent Buddha in the society of India prior to first century. You can also provide evolution of symbols to anthropomorphic images.
  • War photography: This dissertation can be focus on American War photography that is related to British tradition. The fact is that the Annual British Army Photographic Exhibition gives glimpse of war. You can provide dissertation on this by exploring photographs that are presented in the exhibition.
  • Pop art perceptions: This dissertation can undertake research by interviewing American septuagenarians. Ask about their views if Pop art can constitutes art. Explore also whether septuagenarians invest in Pop art.
  • Similarities of Aesthetic Movement and Pop Art: In this dissertation, you can analyze two things whether ordinary objects are beautiful themselves and whether ordinary objects are made beautiful. Examine the motivations behind leaders and movements.
  • The work and life of artist, Eric Staller: Eric Staller is an American light graffiti artist. He is an artist describing his work, crated light installations that uplifted, and amused. With the use of backdrops and materials, he became a pioneer of light sculptures and light drawings.
  • Legacy of art philanthropy: Art philanthropy is motivated by numerous factors, which include tax advantages, self-glorification and philanthropic desire. This dissertation can examine Lord Sainsbury art philanthropy.
  • Aboriginal art in Australia: This PhD dissertation can cover extensive fraudulent activities, which include tourist shops. It can also include juxtaposition of commercial exploitation by aboriginal artists.
  • Balletic influence: jean Antoine figures: This dissertation is focus on the influence of opera and ballet that is seen in costume and staging of Watteau’s paintings. It explores the degree of persons’ figures that demonstrate balletic process.
  • Group portraits: Jan de Braij: If you want to have this topic, you can present about the similarities of de Braij’s group portraits to mythological and families as well as to religious subjects.
  • Sienese artists: You can examine in detail about Child with St John and Virgin, Madonna with child and others.

It is necessary to know more information about art dissertation ideas because it will help you. It is also better when you know some topics about art so that you will not have a hard time in getting started.

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Whenever you struggle, read this page carefully and start your art dissertation today!