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Elements Involved in Writing a Law PhD Thesis Paper

phd law thesisOne of the major requirements to earn a law PhD is the thesis paper candidates must write. The thesis paper must demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge to conduct law research at the doctorate level and offer something new to the field. Writing a PhD thesis in law is not something to be undertaken lightly. You must submit a proposal to a thesis committee that convinces them the issue you want to research is worth further study. The paper itself may be in excess of two hundred pages and require locating and analyzing hundreds of sources not to mention the amount of writing involved. The whole process could take over a year and will involve a lot of hard work and sacrifice in order to submit a good thesis paper.

Tips and Suggestions for Writing the PhD Law Thesis Paper

phd law thesis helpThe PhD thesis law doctorate candidates write will play a huge role in whether or not they are granted the degree they are working towards. Here are some tips that may prove useful when working on your law thesis paper:

  • Select the right topic: Choosing the right topic is critical to the success of your PhD thesis in law. It should be in an area you are familiar with so you aren’t starting completely from scratch. In addition the area shouldn’t be so well covered that there is nothing new to be added, and be on a topic you are interested in as you will be spending a great deal of time with it.
  • Listen to your advisor: Make no mistake about it; the success or failure of your thesis rests completely on your shoulders. It is your thesis and how you write it is up to you. However don’t ignore advice from your advisor without giving it serious consideration. They have been through the process themselves and are on your side even if you don’t always agree with them
  • Write every day: It is easy to procrastinate while working on your law thesis. Make it a point to get something written every day. You may give yourself a day a week off but don’t skip working on your paper the rest of the time. Any progress, no matter how small is better than none at all. Writing a page a day for 8 months is much less overwhelming than trying to write 200 pages in a couple of weeks
  • Revise, edit and proofread: Your first draft won’t be your best work. Get it written then begin revising and editing your paper. Proofread it for mechanical errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Get another opinion: As the author of the paper there is no doubt you know what you meant when you wrote it. However you should have a second party whose opinion you trust read your thesis to see how well they understand what you have written. Having your thesis for a law PhD proofread by another person is also a good idea.

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