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PhD dissertation must have something to offer to readers. It should not be broad but focused because your aim is to provide a well-written paper for your readers. You need to highlight the main focus when writing PhD thesis.

Marketing Dissertation Ideas

Knowing about marketing dissertation ideas will help you to get started and will guide you on what things you need to do.

  • Contact professionals: In order to have a high quality marketing dissertation examples, you can contact professionals. They can offer you papers that serve as your guide in writing. On the other hand, not all of them provide what you need that is why you need to be prepared in sending request.
  • Check university website: Numerous universities are offering sample dissertations and it will help you to work on you project.
  • Check out free databases: There are many databases online that are free and ready to download. You can access it without registering but you need to be careful in downloading because some contain virus.
  • Ask other students: It is better when you ask other students for help. There is an online community that is supportive and active in helping you to get the needed materials and help you need.
  • Talk to advisor: Your professor is interested to your success and they can assist you in many ways. They can offer your explanations and samples in order to complete your task.

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. Overcoming diversity: Marketing of Orleans as tourist destination after the hurricane Katrina: New Orleans was a premier tourism as well as convention destination wherein the effects of Katrina affect the economy of the country. In the 1st year of hurricane, more than 100,000 jobs are lost and the reputation of the country became problematic.
  2. Consumer and branding behavior: Analysis of Coke and Pepsi: In 1960s, consumer behavior emerged according to some analysis. As one of the dominant manufactures of cola, Pepsi developed great brand products.
  3. Marketing approach: Fresh fruits sales in Tesco: Tesco attract many people and this dissertation can take a look on some specific aspects of business as well as approach that adopted by Tesco.
  4. Low self-esteem: Desire to purchase: One of the important elements of marketing of services and goods is the ability of making desire to potential customers. This dissertation can be focus on telecommunications and electronic device market. You can use marketing theories with it.
  5. Remarketing personal debt: Acceptable? Personal debt is high and in mid 1990s, it started the consumption. As of now, debt is being acceptable.
  6. Independent retailers developing prices strategies: This dissertation can be focus on combining aspects of marketing in relation to socio-political decision-making.
  7. British retailing challenge: This dissertation can be a combination of economics, politics and marketing in relation to British retailing challenge.
  8. Health scares: Problem after health scare: It can be about dissertation of practical marketing theory and awareness of business within therapy sector and alternative medicine.
  9. Millennium Dome: Changing Marketization: You can provide charts about failure of Dome and its success.
  10. Reinvention of Hove and Brighton

There you go some guidelines as well as example of topics for dissertation marketing that you can do on your own. Just make sure that you do well and make a good research, we can help with that!

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