How to Write a Thesis on Education

Writing the PhD Thesis on Education

thesis on education

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The PhD thesis on Education is a record of an education research project you have conducted that addresses an issue or question in the field of education. Writing an education thesis is an undertaking that requires considerable time and effort to do well. The entire education thesis process consists of a number of stages before you actually write your education thesis beginning with 1) Selecting a topic for the education thesis a 2) Doing some background research to determine the topics suitability, 3) Writing and submitting an education thesis research proposal 4) Conducting the research described in your proposal and finally writing the actual education thesis. There is a basic format used for thesis writing, for example doctoral thesis or PhD thesis, that is fairly standard. There may be variations from one field or program to another but the basic elements that are included remain the same and are shown here:

  • Introduction: The thesis introduction should clearly state the issue the your education thesis will address and provide some background information including why it is important that this issue/question be researched
  • Literature Review: The literature review is both a summary of existing literature related to your thesis topic and an analysis of that literature. The literature review will help justify the need for your research, by exposing a gap in the existing knowledge that your education thesis will fill
  • Methodology: This is your plan of approach to conducting the research and should include a detailed explanation of how you gathered your data including tools, equipment, techniques used and anything else related to carrying out your research. The methods you used to analyze you data should also be included here. Somebody reading this section should be able to duplicate your research
  • Results and Discussion: This section contains the results of your research and the discussion of those results
  • Conclusions: final conclusions that can be drawn based on your results and some discussion on the significance of your thesis research results.
  • Bibliography: all of the references used in your research should be properly cited here

Some education thesis papers may combine sections, add sections or call sections by a different name by the essential elements shown here will be there.

Topics for an Education Thesis

Selecting a topic for the education thesis is often one of the more difficult aspects of writing the education thesis for many students. Here are five possible PhD thesis topics in education that you may want to consider if you haven’t selected a thesis topic already:

  1. A comparison of Wonderlic tests and standardized tests as means to assess academic performance.
  2. The theory and practice of educational games as a means to promote better learning.
  3. The impact of family involvement on academic achievements.
  4. The commercialization of education: benefits and hazards.
  5. The theoretical background of distant education.

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