How to Write a Syllabus for College

Steps on how to Write a Syllabus for College

A syllabus is simply a summary of a course provided to students as a reference guide for the course rules, content, procedures, and assignments. A syllabus can set the tone for the entire course, and therefore should be organized, professional, and helpful to the students enrolled in the course. If you need to write a syllabus for a class you are teaching, the steps below should offer you the best guide on how to write a syllabus for College.

This is how to write a syllabus for college

Write a course description.

Your course description should be approximately 3 – 5 sentences long and introduce students to the course, its purpose, and scope, and describe who should take the class. For example, “This course provides students with a basic understanding of the American legal system, including its history, purpose, and practices and procedures”.

Outline a course objectives.

In order to create the course objective, ask yourself some questions about the class. What will students learn taking this course? What skills will they have? What questions will they be able to answer? Then outline what students should be able to do, talk about, or know once they have completed the course. To write a syllabus you may do this by numbering each objective, or making a bulleted list.

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Include a course calendar

A course calendar is possibly the most important part of a good syllabus. The calendar should provide a daily breakdown of all assignments, lecture topics, and due dates

List the materials needed

A list of materials needed should begin with the textbook that will be used for the class. Provide students with the name, author, year, and International Standard Book Number of the book. There is no need to list materials that are commonly required by every class, such as notebooks, paper, or pens. However, if the course requires any materials not common to other classes, such as a scientific calculator, software, or drafting tools, provides students with a list of such materials, and ideas about where they can purchase them.

List your classroom or course policies, rules, and expectations. Many colleges and universities have specific policies and statements that must be included in this section of the syllabus, so check with the appropriate educational institution for guidelines.

how to write a syllabus for collegeDescribe the evaluation and grading policy

This section of a syllabus tells students how exactly assignments will be graded. Many colleges and universities have specific rules about what should be included in this section, so check with the appropriate educational institution for guidelines on what must be included.

Give your students some advice. Tell your students where to go if they need help with any of the coursework; provide them with study tips, or offer advice on how to use the syllabus or how to get the most out of the class.

Making sure that the writing a syllabus for a course is easy

With the above information, you will find it easy coming up with a perfect syllabus for the particular program. The above steps should act as a blueprint towards achieving a comprehensive syllabus that the students of the a particular course will find useful for the time one will be required to be in class pursing the course in question. Writing of a syllabus has never been this easy, all one is required to do is to follow the above steps and they will be guaranteed of a perfect syllabus. Although if you still are not sure where to start when writing your syllabus, feel free to contact us. We also provide consultations on matters like PHD dissertation writing.

Since it is sometimes impossible not to experience some difficulties when writing such an important piece of writing, you should always feel free to contact us at and we will offer you more tips on how to write a Syllabus for College.

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