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Writing Your PhD Thesis in Political Science

political science phd thesisPolitical science deals with systems of government, and the analysis of political activity and political behavior. It is a social science that studies both the theory and practice of politics. PhD candidates is Political Science are required to submit a thesis as part of their course of study that will be the determining factor in whether or not they earn their degree. The PhD thesis political science students submit should contribute something new to the field. Writing a PhD thesis paper is a multi-stage process that begins with topic selection. After choosing a thesis topic a proposal must be submitted and approved by a committee before actual work on the research project the paper will be about can begin. Both the proposal and the final paper will include a literature review or relevant sources in the field. The PhD political science thesis paper that is eventually submitted may be several hundred pages in length and take a year or more to complete. It is an extensive document that could include hundreds of sources and will probably be the most difficult piece of writing you have ever undertaken.

How to Write a Political Science PhD Thesis

political science phd thesis helpOne of the requirements of a PhD political science thesis is that it contributes something new to the field so obviously it won’t be the same as other papers. Not everybody takes the same approach when writing their PhD thesis. However there are some basic guidelines for writing the PhD thesis paper for political science that are advisable to follow. Here are some tips and suggestions for writing your political science PhD thesis:

  • Follow your program requirements: Make sure you are aware of any special requirements that your particular program may have. Failing to follow the specific requirements of your program is a good way to get your political science thesis rejected
  • Have a clearly stated research question: Your entire paper is based on you research question or thesis statement. It should be clearly stated leaving no doubt as to what the question/issue is that you are addressing with your paper
  • Don’t revise and edit as you write: It is tempting to try and get everything exactly how you want. However revising and editing as you write your first draft will hamper the flow of ideas. Don’t worry about making it perfect when writing your first draft. Revising and editing can come later.
  • Longer doesn’t mean better: Although some political science thesis papers may exceed two hundred pages in length, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are good. Avoid including unnecessary information just to make your paper longer. This will actually hurt the quality of your paper.
  • Review other political science PhD papers: Read political science thesis papers others have written. They can provide you with a wealth of information on how to write your own paper.

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