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Importance of Your PhD Thesis in International Relations

phd thesis international relations onlineThe International Relations thesis paper is an essential requirement for those wishing to earn a PhD in the field. It is also likely to be the most difficult thing you will every write. Exact requirements for PhD thesis writing will vary depending on the individual institution. Thesis papers may be several hundred pages in length and take a year or more to complete. Even two years is not considered excessive in some PhD programs. Although a couple of years may seem like plenty of time, many students still find themselves hard-pressed to complete their thesis papers on schedule. Aside from writing the actual paper it is usually necessary to analyze hundreds of sources related to your topic and prepare a thesis proposal. The thesis proposal alone can take months to write and must be approved by a committee before working on the actual thesis.

PhD Thesis International Relations Writing Tips

phd thesis international relationsThe actual approach you take to writing your PhD thesis paper for International Relations will depend somewhat on the particular program you are in. The following International Relations PhD thesis writing tips may prove useful regardless of the institution you attend:

  • Select your topic carefully: Many students choose a topic that is too broad and unsuitable for a thesis paper. Make sure the topic is narrow enough to cover well but ensure enough literature exists to enable you to research it properly. Try and write on a topic in an area you are familiar with already as it can save you hundreds of hours of extra work. Choose a topic you like and are interested in as you will be spending much of your time with it.
  • Keep track of all sources: Even if you haven’t begun writing it is a good idea to record all information you will need for proper citation of sources. Locating sources a second time just to get the proper citation information can eat up hours of your valuable time
  • Write the introduction last: The introduction is an overview of the entire paper, and is easier to write once you have completed the rest of your International Relations thesis paper. Introductions that are written first often have to be rewritten
  • Write concisely: There are no bonus points for longer International Relations PhD thesis papers. A verbose style of writing that uses a lot of unnecessary words detracts from your paper. Write succinctly for the best results
  • Proofread your thesis: At this academic level you would expect that the importance of proofreading need not be stated. However a surprising number of PhD candidates submit papers with a large number of spelling mistakes and other mechanical errors. Don’t underestimate the importance of proofreading. If possible have another person proofread your thesis paper as well

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