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Completing a PhD in Human Resource Management Online

phd thesis on human resource managementTo earn a degree for HRM at the doctorate level you will be required to submit a thesis paper that contributes something new to the field and that demonstrates you have the knowledge and ability to research the PhD level. The PhD in human resource management doctoral candidates write is an extensive project that could take well over a year to complete. You will need to select a topic and submit a proposal to a committee for their approval before beginning your actual thesis. The HRM proposal alone could take several months to complete. The PhD human resource management can easily exceed a hundred pages and it isn’t unusual for papers to double that length. You can expect to spend a great deal of time on literature research as thesis papers will often cite 100 or more sources used when writing the document. Sources must be analyzed and evaluated to determine if they fit your needs. Between preparing a proposal, literature research and evaluation and writing the paper there may be time for little else in your life until completing your HRM PhD thesis.

Basic Tips for Writing

phd thesis on human resource management helpSpecific requirements of the PhD in human resource management will depend on the particular program you are in. Make sure you are aware of the HRM thesis paper requirements at your institution. Here are some basic tips and suggestions for writing your PhD thesis on HRM regardless of the program you are enrolled in:

  • Make a plan: You should outline your entire thesis before you begin writing. This will help you stay focused and prevent you from getting side-tracked. It also will help you present your paper in the best and most logical fashion.
  • Set realistic goals: You should set some short and long-term goals for writing your thesis. Be realistic when you set your goals. A daily goal of writing 300 to 500 words is something that can be achieved an will make you feel you are making progress. A target of 5000 words a day would be much more difficult to accomplish and failing to reach goals can be depressing
  • Don’t nit-pick your first draft: Writing your first draft is when you will get all of your main ideas and points down. Don’t worry about making it perfect. You can revise and edit later in the process. If you try and make every page of your first draft perfect you will never finish
  • No fluff: Use a clear and concise writing style. Avoid long flowery sentences with a bunch of unnecessary words that don’t contribute anything to your HRM thesis.
  • Write the introduction last: It is much easier to write the introduction last as it is an overview of the entire paper. Writing the introduction first will probably end up with you having to rewrite it anyway.

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