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phd thesis in english literature

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Writing a PhD Thesis in English Literature

phd thesis on english literature The PhD thesis is the most important requirement of earning a doctorate degree in English literature. It should demonstrate you have the knowledge and ability to conduct research at the doctorate level and contribute something new to the field. The process begins with selecting a topic. This will be followed by submitting a proposal to a thesis committee. You proposal must convince the committee that the question or issue that you are addressing is worthy of further study and that you are qualified for the task. A large part of the English literature PhD thesis will involve researching related work in your topic area that will help support your position. The PhD thesis English literature doctoral candidates submits may easily reach a couple of hundred pages in length and cite dozens of sources. It isn’t unusual for PhD candidates to devote more than a year to developing their English literature thesis.

Tips and Suggestions for Writing a PhD Thesis on English Literature

phd thesis on english literature writing helpIt is very important that you meet the specific requirements your institution has set for the English literature PhD thesis. No matter how good your thesis is, if you ignore the requirements of your program it is going to be rejected. The following are some basic tips for writing the English literature thesis that may be useful regardless of your program requirements:

  • Don’t be biased: You need to remain objective in your thesis. Many students are passionate about the stance they take in their thesis and allow their bias to influence what they write. A good thesis is written objectively and is supported by facts and not opinion. Arguing your position is fine but don’t ignore the facts in order to make your case.
  • Finish writing first: Complete your first draft before you start the revision and editing process. It often happens that students get so caught up in making each page perfect that they never actually finish the thesis
  • Write the introduction last: There is a fairly good chance that your completed thesis won’t be exactly what you initially planned. As the introduction is an overview of the entire thesis is will be easier to write once you have completed the rest of the paper. If you write it first it usually takes longer and you will end up having to change it anyway
  • Have a writing schedule: Set a regular time for when you will work on your thesis and stick to it. Without a schedule it is too easy to put off your PhD thesis writing until tomorrow, which usually results in doing nothing until the last month before the thesis is due.
  • Proofread your thesis: Proofread and proofread again. Have somebody else proofread your paper as well. At the PhD level spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in an English literature thesis will sink your paper.

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