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phd thesis in economics

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Writing You PhD Thesis in Economics

phd thesis economics helpThe PhD thesis paper is one of the final obstacles to overcome on the path to your doctorate degree in economics. Obstacle may be understating the monumental task of writing a thesis paper for an economics PhD. You thesis paper must contribute something new to the field and demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skills to conduct economics research at the doctorate level. Thesis papers for a PhD in economics can run to several hundred pages and cite hundreds of sources related to your particular topic. Before even starting on your thesis paper you have to write a PhD thesis proposal to convince a committee that the topic you have selected is worth further study. Just preparing your proposal can take months and the thesis itself may require a year or more to complete.

Tips for Writing PhD Thesis Economics Papers

phd thesis economicsIf you are in a PhD program for economics then there is little doubt that you have a fair amount of ability in the field. Unfortunately knowing a lot about economics doesn’t always translate into the ability to write good economic thesis papers. The following tips and suggestions may prove useful when writing your economics thesis paper:

  • Choose your topic with care: When considering PhD thesis topics in economics there are several things to keep in mind. Avoid topics that have been done to death as finding anything new to add to the field can be difficult. Also avoid a topic that is too broad and can’t be covered well. Select a specific narrow area to focus on, preferably one you are already familiar with and are interested in.
  • Start early: PhD thesis papers in economics don’t always go as planned and you may have to alter your original plan at some point. The earlier you start the more time you will have to resolve problems that crop up.
  • Write succinctly: Use a clear concise style of writing. Avoid verbiage that doesn’t contribute anything useful to the paper other than unnecessary filler.
  • Have a plan: Even if you believe things are clear in your own mind, make an outline before you begin writing your economics PhD thesis paper. The more detailed your outline the easier it will be to write the paper
  • Submit a good proposal: A good economics thesis proposal has a better chance of getting committee approval. Aside from that, much of the work done for the proposal can be used in your thesis paper, economizing your efforts.

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