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Most people who have seriously considered pursuing a PhD in their field are aware of the original research project that they will need to conduct and the dissertation that they will be required to write presenting their research. What many of them are unaware of or have given little thought to is writing the dissertation research proposal. In many cases it is likely that writing the dissertation looms so large in their minds that it makes writing the dissertation proposal seem relatively easy. However many of those who have been through the entire dissertation process consider the much shorter dissertation proposal to be far more difficult to write, and until your dissertation proposal is approved there can be no dissertation. The dissertation proposal only needs to do two things:
  1. Convince a research committee that the issue or question you are proposing to research is important enough to warrant further study
  2. Convince the research committee that your planned approach to conduct the is feasible and that you are qualified to implement the plan you propose

Writing a good PhD dissertation proposal will make the rest of the dissertation process proceed more smoothly which is a nice bonus, but as long as it results in your getting the approval of the research committee to proceed with your research project it can be counted a success. Good dissertation proposals often take months to complete and many candidates will write a dozen or more drafts before submitting it for approval. Considering its importance and the time and effort required, getting dissertation proposal help makes sense if you encounter problems. But also pay attention to PhD thesis writing.

Where to Find Dissertation Proposal Help

PhD dissertation proposals tend to use a similar structure and will contain the same elements regardless of the field of study or the program you are in. There are some differences and you should check with specific programs for the exact requirements but the most important elements will be basically the same and include:

  • Proposal introduction: Every dissertation proposal requires a clearly defined research question which will be presented in the introduction. It should state the question or issue being addressed and include some basic background information on the topic.
  • Research objectives: All dissertation proposals should contain a hypothesis that can be tested. This is covered in the objectives portion of the proposal. You should discuss what outcome you hope to achieve with your research as well as other possible outcomes.
  • Literature Review: The literature review is an analysis of other research and work that has been done in the topic area related to your proposed project. The literature review section should:
  • Identify a gap in the existing knowledge that your proposed project will fill
  • Show that you possess the familiarity and knowledge in the topic area that qualifies you to conduct the research competently
  • Methodology: A dissertation proposal must contain a plan for how your hypothesis will be tested. Your plan is presented in the methodology section and should include a relatively detailed explanation of how you intend to gather data and then analyze the data gathered.

There are other sections in dissertation proposal and all of them are important but these are the most critical. You can’t just buy dissertation proposal examples off the shelf to use as your own. Every proposal is unique and must be original. Our PhD thesis writing services offer completely original dissertation proposal writing tailored to meet your specific needs.

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