Doctoral Dissertation in AMA Writing Style

AMA Writing Style: Professional Guide for Prime Dissertation

ama writing style onlineAMA or American Medical Association is a common format style in doctoral dissertations. It is important that you understand the proper guidelines of AMA writing style as this enables you to improve the quality and efficiency of your dissertation. You should know the instructions of your doctoral dissertation in order to help you to attract the attention of your target audience. By adhering to proper AMA writing style, you are improving the effectiveness of your doctoral dissertation. Comply with the guidelines for AMA writing style for better structure and cohesion of your paper.

Get Sample on Proper AMA Citation Style Guide

AMA writing style can be difficult especially if you do not have enough knowledge on its instructions. Here are sample citations that will help you understand how AMA citation style guide works:

Berger S. Allotment gardening : An organic guide for beginners. Devon, England: Green Books, Ltd.; 2005.

Encyclopedia Article:

Smith J. Organic gardening. In: The New Encyclopedia Britannica: Macropaedia Vol. 24. Chicago, IL: Encyclopedia Britannica. 1987: 390-392.

Newspaper Article:

Dillon S. Education standards likely to see toughening. New York Times. April 14, 2009: A3.


Mayo Clinic Staff. Organic foods: Are they safer? More nutritious? The Mayo Clinic. Published December 20, 2010. Accessed March 13, 2008.

Professional Help on CBE Reference Format

CSE or Council of Science Editors is another popular choice for many writers in writing their doctoral dissertation. Do not hesitate to avail professional help on how to comply with the guidelines of CBE reference format, AMA writing style and APA format dissertation. It is important that you know the differences between various formats as this helps you improve the quality and impact of your dissertation.

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