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The concept paper covers the in-depth analysis of a theory. The examples of concepts may vary such as education, unemployment or any other. The aim of a research concept paper is to objectively make the reader inform about the idea or concept. The reader might not have any knowledge on the concept so it is the task of the writer to write the concept paper in a way that it meets maximum questions that may arise in the reader’s mind about the addressed concept. If the reader has prior knowledge then new information has to be added to the paper.

Steps of Writing Research Concept Paper

Most often, a controversial concept is taken up and discussed in a concept paper, whether it be a concept paper for college or any other one. There might be several interpretations attached to it. There are 6 steps listed below for help with creating a well–written concept paper:

  • Choose a concept: Select a topic that is a course with the basic idea of your concept paper. The topic should be accorded to the classroom subjects. It needs to be highlighted.
  • Do research: Before deciding on the topic, make sure you do enough research to ensure that you have selected the right topic to write a research paper on. Collect as much information as possible, especially objective and informative ones.
  • Refine: The concept needs to hit straight at the point rather than beating around the bush. It works to limit the research and restrict it from seeming vast.
  • Make an outline: It is necessary to outline your paper into the three sections that are – introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction is a definition of the concept and a description of what you wish to speak in the paper. The body defining the cause and effect with various examples. The conclusion being a wrap up is short of the entire paper.
  • Break it down: Do not attempt to write everything at a go. Take it down one by one so that each section turns out to be properly researched and well-written.
  • Informative: Make your essay informative while always in line with the topic.
  • Revise: Revision is inevitable. It is the best way to upgrade the write-up and polish it. Edit all the irrelevant things and keep only the necessary information.

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Mistakes to Avoid in Your Concept Paper

The concept paper is not a simple paper to write. It’s very tricky to grab the attention of the reader and convince him to fund your idea. People make some common mistakes when they write concept paper.

concept paper topic ideas and mistakes to avoid

Here we are discussing few of them, if you will avoid these mistakes, you will be able to write a good concept paper:

  • A tedious beginning: It is very important to grab the attention of the reader right from the beginning. Give a background of the topic on which your concept paper is based. It should be interesting and it should hook the reader to read rest of the paper. It should be convincing and strong, showing your writing capabilities. A tedious beginning will not give a good impression.
  • Confused idea: When you write a concept paper, it means you are giving information about an idea. So, it’s very important that you have command on the subject and you are clear about the idea yourself. If you are confused about something or have some ambiguity in your mind, get it clear first and then start writing. A clear idea in your mind will help you to bring it on the paper. So, select your words carefully and make sure you are communicating the idea in the best possible way. Organize your paper carefully and manage it properly.
  • Paper without citation: Some students give no importance to references and citation when they write concept paper. As a result, they are suspected of plagiarism and they have to give clarification for their genuine work. When you start writing the concept paper, make sure you have all the reference to the material you are quoting in your paper and you cite them properly. Any paper without references has no credibility, no matter how well written it is.
  • No editing and proofreading: It’s a common mistake that student doesn’t proofread the paper. When you write in a flow, there are many little mistakes which you might have ignored. Sometimes the similar words with different spellings are not highlighted and get ignored. It is very important to proofread each and every word you have written in your concept paper. After finishing the writing, editing and re-editing is important. Editing is equally important as writing. You can ask a friend for the help. Proofreading your paper more than once will help you to get an error-free paper at the end.

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Writing Concept Paper Precisely

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