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The Architecture PhD Thesis Is the Key to Your Degree

phd thesis architecture writing helpTo earn a PhD in architecture you will be expected to complete a thesis that demonstrates you have the knowledge and ability to conduct research at the doctorate level. You thesis must contribute something new to the field. Writing a PhD thesis architecture paper is an arduous process that can take well over a year to complete. You will need to select a specific topic and submit a proposal to a thesis committee for their approval. Just preparing the proposal can take several months. There will be a large amount of literature research to conduct related to your thesis. The PhD thesis architecture paper can exceed a hundred pages and may cite dozens of sources that were used in writing it. Sources must be located, analyzed and properly documented. PhD candidates in architecture can expect to have little or no free time during the process of preparing their thesis.

Tips and Suggestions for Writing the PhD Thesis in Architecture

phd thesis architectureSpecific requirements for architecture thesis papers can be expected to vary from program to program and need different PhD dissertation help. The following basic PhD thesis writing tips may prove useful regardless of the particular program you are in:

  • Choose a good topic: Many students have problems selecting a thesis topic in architecture. They are intimidated by having to contribute something new to the field. However, it can be as simple as using a different approach to a problem. There is also a tendency for students to choose topics that are too broad and which can’t be covered well. Make sure your topic is narrow enough so that your thesis can present it thoroughly
  • Support any statements you make: When you state something in your thesis you must back it up with evidence. Use examples to support what you say.
  • Have a schedule: Schedule a specific time every day to work on your thesis and stick to it. It is easy to procrastinate and put off working on the thesis until the last possible moment. Write a little every day to avoid having to produce a hundred pages in a week or so.
  • Check your programs requirements: Make sure you know your programs specific requirements for writing architecture thesis papers such as margin width, format and font size. Failing to follow the requirements set forth by your program can get a well written thesis rejected before it ever gets read.
  • Write first, revise and edit later: Don’t worry about polishing your text as you write your initial draft. Get down all your ideas and the points you want to include. You can revise and edit after completing the first draft.

Best Help with Your PhD Thesis in Architecture

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