A Guide: How to Do a Dissertation Proposal

How to Do a Dissertation Proposal the Right Way

how to do a dissertation proposal

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A dissertation proposal is a description of what your dissertation will be about and what question or issue it will address. It should show how your project relates to other work that has been done in the field. The method of research you will use and possible results from your research are also covered in the proposal. The research proposal will be submitted to a research committee for approval. Should your proposal meet the committee’s requirements you will be approved to go on with your intended research project. It is important that you know how to do a dissertation proposal correctly so that your research project will be approved. A common method for how to prepare a dissertation proposal is shown here:

  • Dissertation title: Use a short descriptive title that tells the reader what the dissertation is about.
  • Dissertation objectives: State what you would like to accomplish with your research. You should have no more than three objectives.
  • Literature review: Review of relevant literature in your topic area. This is to show your knowledge and to demonstrate a gap in knowledge that your research will fill.
  • Research details: Elaborate on the ideas presented in your research question so that area your research covers is clearly defined. All kinds of PhD dissertations must contain this part.
  • Methodology: Discuss the method of research you will use. Non-empirical research is research that comes from literature and projects that have already been published which will result in a relatively short methodology section. Empirical research involves conducting your own experiments or using some process to collect your own data. If you are doing empirical research you will need to include information on equipment, tools, techniques and other resources used in your research.
  • Expected outcomes: This is a discussion of what you hope to accomplish, and various possible outcomes that could result from your research.
  • Time frame: Basically a schedule of your research and when you expect to reach various points in your project.
  • Bibliography: A list of sources that you intend to use in your research written in the appropriate style.

The dissertation proposal guidelines that most programs use are fairly standard with only slight variations between schools and fields of study.

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